Calvary Swaram


HUMBLE BEGINNING of the television ministry that reaches millions everyday.Calvary Swaram Tv Program : In 2003 Bro Satish kumar started preaching through his television program called Calvary swaram ( the voice of calvary) through miraclenet channel. During the initial days of this ministry he had faced a lot of financial issues and had to discontinue the program as he could not pay the broadcast fees of Rs.20,000. One night when Bro.satish kumar was praying and crying to God, God spoke to him and said “Today you are crying because you don’t have money to pay for even for one program but the day will come when you will come back to me again and cry in my presence saying – Lord I am unable to do so many programs and its too hard for me”. This promise from God greatly encouraged his faith. God kept His word and today Calvary Swaram (the voice of calvary) is broadcasted across many channels and nearly 70 programs are aired every week.


Highlights of Calvary swaram TV Program:


  1. This was the first Telugu Christian program broadcasted daily in television by a Telugu preacher.
  2. This program has the highest viewership in almost all Christian channels (as per TV channels feedback).
  3. This program is rated as one of the best television program by millions.
  4. This program also has a high online viewership.
  5. This is broadcasted in more channels and more number of times than any other telugu christian program.

There was a time when Bro. Satish kumar could not pay even 5000 ruppes for the program and had to discontinue it, but God lifted this humble servant so high that he was called to inaugurate the launching of Rakshana and Switch on Aradana channels and be a blessing to many. To God be the Glory honor and praise forever.

  1. The Foundation of Calvary is Character - Not Professional Skills
  2. The Nature of Calvary is Service - Not being served
  3. The Motive of Calvary is Love - Not Money or power
  4. The Measure of Calvary is Sacrifice - Not Success
  5. The Authority of Calvary is Submission - Not pulling Ranks
  6. The purpose of Calvary is to Glorify God - Not Ourselves
  7. The Tools of Calvary are Prayer and Scripture - Not a Marketing Handbook
  8. The Privilege of Calvary is Growth - Which is in depth rather in number
  9. The Power of Calvary is Holy Spirit - Not Progress
  10. The Model of Calvary is Jesus Christ - Not a Corporation or Man
  11. Our Motto: Be First Be Best or Be Different

  • maa(Saturday)6:30 am - 7:00 am
  • nireekshana(Daily)7:00am,1:00pm, 7:00pm
  • media-logo-3(Daily)1:00 am,5:00 am,9:00 pm
  • media-logo-6(Daily)10:30 pm - 11:00 pm
  • media-logo-1(Tuesday)6:30 am - 7:00 am
  • media-logo-2(Sunday)7:00 am - 7:30 am